Air to Water Heat Pump Kita Li Plus

Available in Monobloc and Split versions

The air-water heat pumps of the Li Plus Kita series were created to offer the possibility for apartment buildings to completely detach themselves from heating with fossil fuels.

They are equipped with a Scroll Inverter compressor with steam injection that guarantees operation in very difficult environmental situations while always maintaining the desired system temperature.

Designed to work in residential neighborhoods, they are equipped with innovative acoustic systems that make them silent, despite the large power supplied.

They can work both individually and in multiple mode thanks to the Multikita system which optimizes the operation of the machines, making them always work at the optimum speed with the aim of maximizing the seasonal COP.

The very complex heating, cooling and sanitary production systems of an apartment building, thanks to the Multikita control, will be easier to manage even remotely, through your PC or smartphnone

  For Compact and Split version  
Energy class
Electrical supply Supply V-Hz 400-3-50
Noise level Max sound pressure at 1 Meter | dB(A) dB(A) 60
Compressor Type Scroll Inverter
Driver Vapour Injection
Fan Data Type EC
Fan diameter mm 910
Max speed rpm 610
Evaporator Fin spacing mm 2,5
Heat exchanger Type Plate Exchanger
Material Inox
Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant charge kg 8,5
Hydraulic circuit Type pump EC
Weight Outdoor unit / Outdoor unit + indoor unit kg 320 Monoblock / 300 + 50 Split
Dimensions Outdoor unit mm H1341 x L2000 x D750
Indoor unit mm H878.4 x L550 x D208
For Compact and Split version
  Operating conditions   Compressor load
Med. Max.
Heating mode  
Air 7 °C
Water 35 °C
Thermal power (kW) 27,66 46,50
COP 5,02 4,05
Air 2 °C
Water 35 °C
Thermal power (kW) 26,83 45,70
COP 4,25 3,60
Air -7 °C
Water 35 °C
Thermal power (kW) 19,70 38,50
COP 3,20 2,90
Air -15 °C
Water 35 °C
Thermal power (kW) 15,83 36,20
COP 2,72 2,37
Air -20 °C
Water 35 °C
Thermal power (kW) 19,70 41,30
COP 2,55 2,10
Cooling mode Air 35 °C
Water 7 °C
Thermal power (kW) 23,82 33,15
EER 3,50 3,13
Air 35 °C
Water 18 °C
Thermal power (kW) 31,07 42,25
EER 4,80 4,57